Stage 1: Understand the brief and clarify expectations.

Our aim is for clients to spend the least $ possible to gain the greatest increase in certainty. Significant time and money can be saved early on by ensuring all relevant information is available, and clear goals established.  Our experienced team review the brief and available information to consider for town planning, consenting, possible ground and drainage issues, methodology, expected resources; plus a preliminary budget and time frame is estimated. Consultant services to achieve better clarity may be recommended at this time eg, site survey, drainage cctv, geo-tech report, engineering etc. This is the time to consider alternatives; can we achieve your desired outcome better, more economically and/or faster?     A site visit may or may not be made immediately pending the specific brief and information on hand.                           Of course no costs or charges are committed to until clearly communicated and agreed in writing.                               Stage 1 usually takes 1-2 weeks to complete, plus consultant report times if needed.

Stage 2: Site visits, the Scope of Work, prepare & present the detailed quote package.

Once the brief is clear (or if you already have plans) and viability is established, our project manager and quantity surveyors will visit to prepare a detailed 'scope of work'. Our main sub contractors also attend for their specific input and pricing. The scope of work is agreed and costed line by line (with fixed pricing whenever possible). Our format is designed to enable easy consideration of alternative options, additions and/or changes for better decision making from the start. A tender letter and pricing summary detailing all: inclusions, exclusions, provisional amounts, relevant product information, the anticipated time frame, insurances, and terms & conditions is then presented for discussion and any final adjustments needed. Stage 2 usually takes 2 - 6 weeks depending on the degree of complexity

Stage 3: Contract, schedule, construct, complete

Upon signed contract confirmation, resources are scheduled and orders placed. We will likely ask for a deposit, which is returned during the build. All affected parties are contacted and briefed regarding the programme and possible disruptions. We supply a 'finishing' schedule (including, colours, tap-ware brands, appliances, spouting profiles etc) for determination and sign off.  The site is established including particular attention paid to Health & Safety protocols, and the work begins. From our experience operating in inhabited environments and physically tight work sites, we understand the crucial importance of regular communication. Specific points of contact and regular update times are agreed and put in place. Progress claims are presented in clear format, directly related to the tender pricing and reflect the % of each work stage completed.  We work with the stated objectives: to achieve defect free, on time, on budget quality outcomes, and to enjoy ourselves. Loud music, dogs and smoking are not permitted on our sites (unless with prior approval).