PIHA - Approx 104m2 + Outriggers


Enough room to park garage two cars, and a living area upstairs, this Bach / loft garage situated in Piha is a perfect fit for the beach. With additional lean-to's there is ample space for storage of outdoor items and dry areas to BBQ in during. And with a peaked roof additional storage can be utalised in the roof. 

Can be set up as a living area upstairs, or bedroom.

What problem did the client need help with?

Andrew and Lesley are the second generation owners of the property and one thing about the old house that bugged them was they never had enough accommodation for the extended family and friends and nowhere to store all the water toys essential to a beach property.

What was the process we took to solve it?

Although the property is a very sandy site and the clients had never seen any flooding in the area the council had designated it a flood prone area. We needed to work closely with our Town Planner and Hydrology engineer to get Resource Consent to build on the site.

Once we had consent we designed a Classic Loft that has a massive amount of storage. An Attic ladder gives access to a large storage space in the roof , the mid floor is an open versatile space for living and the large garage space takes care of the toys.

 What was the end result?

The Joseph's have had nothing but positive feedback from all the neighbours. The building has blended into the surrounds and has solved all their problems. The living area is so well insulated that it hasn't required heating and the cats think it was built for them