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For over 6 years Build Smart Group has worked in the aged care sector and similarly demanding environments. With over 150 projects successfully completed we've developed real expertise and commit to 'take ownership' so our clients can relax. Past projects include (part and full) refurbishments to; villas, duplex townhouses, high rise apartments, serviced apartments, private homes, hotels, libraries, office's and communal facilities, often while premises remain fully operational.

Detailed planning ensures noise and mess are kept to a minimum, and high safety standards maintained while working  amongst elderly residents, guests and/or staff. Strictly enforced protocols and regular reviews are undertaken and all staff and contractors are appropriately qualified.

To ensure commercial returns for clients, detailed and flexible 'Scope of Works' are provided which enable option comparisons to meet budgets. Projects are tightly scheduled to ensure fast turnarounds ready for re use, occupation or (re) sale and minimising vacancy times. This is money in the bank.

Our goals are; 100% defect free, on time, on budget handovers.        No time consuming snag lists here. We make sure our quality is to the highest standards so you won't have to, and we have the track record to prove it. Call nowlet us show what we can do, for virtually the same cost as doing it yourself but with significantly less time and stress.